Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NPD in Guadalajara

There’s nothing more inspiring than attending a National Philanthropy Day® (NPD) event and hearing the incredible and moving stories of donors and volunteers. I hope you were able to attend your chapter’s NPD celebration and be reminded of the impact of our work.

I had the great honor of attending our Guadalajara chapter’s NPD event. It was a wonderful celebration of philanthropy, and 100 people heard presentations from numerous experts on fundraising. I gave a presentation titled “Weaving Ethics into Your Fundraising Program.” Many thanks to the chapter leadership for their kind hospitality. Luis Gonzalez is the chapter president, and he has a terrific and committed board.

The event was held at the Guadalajara campus of Tec de Monterrey, and we were graciously welcomed by Dr. Martin Velazquez. AFP has a partnership with Tec de Monterrey (Monterrey campus) to deliver an online fundraising course as part of their Social Leaders program. Tec has been a wonderful partner for AFP in Latin America.

Mexico is currently undergoing a national dialogue about its legal structure and tax incentives, a debate that more and more countries are having. At the same time, fundraising is growing tremendously in the country, and the search for fundraising expertise is becoming more intense. The Guadalajara chapter is young, but is already playing a key role in providing the knowledge and resources that charities in the community so desperately need.

I also had a very unique experience while in Guadalajara. I visited Trompo Magico (Magic Top), the Jalisco (State) Children's Museum. It’s a great museum, and I was able to experience an exhibit that started in Germany and is being used in children’s museums around the world called “In the Darkness.”

This exhibit takes the participant through a series of everyday experiences in complete dark, emulating how a visually-impaired person lives his or her everyday life. It was fascinating and forces participants to rely on other senses. Graciela de la Vega is the director of Trompo Magico and a member of AFP, and Ana Luisa Ramirez is the museum’s development director. They graciously hosted Julio Ochoa and me. If you have a chance to experience this special exhibition, I highly recommend it.

It’s these kinds of moments that remind me of the extraordinary things that philanthropy and fundraising accomplish every day. It reminds us why we all got into fundraising in the first place, and why every moment—from the challenges to the successes, the lows to the highs—is worth it.

I hope you enjoyed your local National Philanthropy Day celebration, and thank you for the inspiration and extraordinary contributions you make to your community every day.

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